22 January 2008

Meet Carmen ... the Spartan?

Carmen Electra, the "actress", star's in this movie, or better, spoof of a movie about movies, TV and celebrities. We will see a Loyalist / Simon Cowell Look-A-Like,Brtiney Spears / Paris Hilton Paula Abdul Look-A-Like / Britney Spears Look-A-Like / Ellen DeGeneres Look-A-Like / Hunchback Paris,Dane Cook Look-A-Like / Bond Villain / Prophet, Spartan Woman / Ugly Betty Look-A-Like, Lindsay Lohan Look-A-Like, Tom Cruise Look-A-Like, Donald Trump Look-A-Like, Randy Look-A-Like, Tyra Banks Look-A-Like, Twiggy Look-A-Like, Ms. Jay Look-A-Like, Brad Pitt Look-A-Like, Angelina Jolie Look-A-Like, K-Fed Look-A-Like, President Bush Look-A-Like, Rocky Balboa / Rambo, Ryan Seacrest Look-A-Like and finally a Sanjaya Look-A-Like. Stupidity at its best...

Official Site: Meet the Spartans

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